Coaching – Consulting – Business & Life

Coaching – Consulting – Business & Life


Business Coaching

Doug and his team work 1-1 with some of the leading CEOs, Managing Directors and sports stars in the world…

“Following on from a fantastic keynote he gave at our annual conference, Doug has been working with me for over a year now. His unique mix of business experience combined with his motivational coaching have been a powerful combination for me and Ocuco”

Leo McCanna, Chief Executive Ocuco

Business Consulting

Doug uses his 21 years working with Fund Management companies where he met with hundreds of CEOs and CFOs of companies that his fund managers were investing in. Thus learning whats works in successful businesses. He also has interviewed some highly successful people on his radio show such as Gary McGann, the chairman of Paddypower Betfair (and ex CEO of Aerlingus), Stuart Lancaster the ex England andLeinster rugby coach, TV Dragons Den millionaires – Eamonn Quinn, Peter Casey and Ramona Nicholas and many more. He uses the research from his radio shows in terms of what made his guests successful with his clients.

“Doug is an amazing high energy speaker, a wonderful man and a beautiful soul. His presentation’s and trainings are full on, inspirational and motivational in equal measures. Doug has enjoyed great success and can show you how you can achieve fantastic results in your life as well. I would highly recommend Doug as a coach, business mentor and keynote speaker for any event. If you ever have the honor of spending time with Doug ask him to explain his “MAKE” acronyms to you. Maybe he could make you great again!”

Owen O’Malley, CEO, The Investment Club

Life Coaching

Doug is a life coach, a mindset coach, a performance coach and a meditation coach. He coaches coaches…

“Doug mentored and coached me on my journey as a High Performance coach. His techniques really helped me with clarity and seeing a clear vision of the future. Not only that, he also helped me with practical steps on enabling my goals to become a reality.

 Doug also advised me on my brand, selling and positioning myself to the right audience. He pushed me outside my comfort zone and helped me with my limiting self-beliefs. As a top class experienced speaker, he worked with me to put together a key note presentation and deliver it with energy and authenticity.  

I would highly recommend Doug as a mentor and coach, both for mindset and moving forward to the next level in whatever area of life you need help with”

Sonya Morton-Firth, High Performance Executive Coach

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