Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking


Doug will capture the essence of your event and highlight it to your audience in a short period of time.

Doug has been telling his amazing story of perseverance, dealing with life’s challenges, creating a better community, building self-esteem, accomplishing goals, and inspiring thousands of people:

Doug has spoken on stage in America, all over Europe and the UK with film stars, TV Celebs, sports stars, CEOs, and NY Times Bestselling authors. In terms of conferences he has spoken at the All-Ireland Business Summit, the National Finance Summit, the Irish Business Expo, the National Health Summit, at the Association of Key Account Managers Summit, the World Family Office Investment Summit, The International Transfer Agency Summit, the Hyper Sales Growth Conference and at the Speak and Write to Make Millions conference.

Topics include

  • How I tripled my sales to $1.75Bn in one year and how you can triple yours too.
  • CEO’s role in key account management & How to optimise your team’s potential.
  • High Performance Success without Stress.
  • Performance Optimisation for Business and for life.
  • How to create more Wealth, Health and Happiness in you business and your life.
  • Attitude – tune out the critics, embrace change, and reduce stress
  • Motivation – strive for excellence, learn from failures, and visualise success

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